5G Technology Launching In India

In this article, you will get to know everything you need to know about 5G technology and the launch date of 5G in India. Questions like “5G technology India me kab aayegi“, what will be the 5G speed in India, what will be the price of 5G data in India, what will be the advantages of 5G in India, and what will be the disadvantages of 5G in India. As 5G is going to launch soon in India everyone has doubts about it like what will be pros and cons of the 5G network in India. This article will clear all of your doubts and will present a clear picture of the 5G launch in India. 5G in India is going to be revolutionary.

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Overview On 5G network?

5G mobile network is a successor of the 4G cellular network. Due to an increase in its bandwidth 5G network has a promising internet speed of up to 10 GB/s as compared to its precedent 4g whose speed was just 100 mb/s. That means your internet speed will be 100x faster. The first official launch of the 5G network in the world was done by South Korea, just after South Korea, the USA also launched their 5G network services to the world. If we talk about today there are a total of 61 countries that are using the 5G network.

India is also going to join the list of  5G networks using countries. Airtel has announced its step into 5G networks in India but still no news on the exact date of its launching. Maybe after the auction of the spectrum which will take place in May, Airtel 5G networks will roll out in India.

When 5G technology will launch In India?

Both the telecom giants of India Bharti Airtel and JIo have announced that their 5G services will be live for Indian telecom users from 2022. Since airtel has already started its trial 5G networks in Gurugram, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. While Jio has stated that their 5G services will be launched in India in the 2nd half of 2022. Meanwhile, VI (Vodafone-idea) is also all set to launch its 5G services in India up to December 2022.

Officially none of the telecom companies has announced the 5G launch date in India. But according to the report of the Department Of Telecommunication 5G services will roll out in India from august-September. Firstly 13 cities will have the 5G network in India i.e Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Pune, Gurugram, Jamnagar, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Gandhinagar.

Advantages Of 5G networks In India?

Since 5G is launching in India very soon. There are lots of perks to it, following are the some advantages of the 5G networks in India.

  • 5G network will have 10x times more internet speed than 4g networks.
  • Due to having larger bandwidth compared to 4G, a 5G network can handle more users in a single network. It will resolve the main problem faced by 4G users which is network traffic.
  • Video calls will be more clear as compared to a 4G network.
  • Streaming of videos will be easier and quality will improve on 5G networks.
  • It will help in the growth of metaverse and virtual gaming.
  • It will also grow the market of 5g mobile since the new market of 5G mobile phones will be start and everyone will replace their 4G devices with 5G devices.

Disadvantages Of 5G Networks In India?

  • It will take time to reach globally all over the places, especially in remote areas.
  • Data planes are not listed by the telecom companies but still, it is expected that the prices of 5G data planes will be higher than 4G data planes.
  • Since its bandwidth is more than 4G but also it can travel to less distance than 4G, it will need more towers to cover more distance.
  • It will also drain your device battery faster as compared to 4G devices.
  • Security is one of the most concerns of the 5G network. Due to the increase in bandwidth of the network hackers are more probable to attack the network and can steal your data.

There may be some questions related to the 5G network in India, following are the some common questions and their answers.

Q1)Will the 5G network work on 4G devices?

To use 5G network services, you have to buy a 5G compatible device. So 5G network will not work on 4G devices. Meanwhile, you can use the 4G network on 5G devices.

Q2)Are 5G sims available in India?

No, 5G sims are not available in India right now. For starting You can use a 5G network in your existing 4G sim.

Q3) Should you buy a new 5G technology phone in 2022 or not?

Since 5G is launching in India in 2022 but it will take a year or 2 to reach every corner of the country. If you are not from those 13 cities where 5G is launching in the first half. Then you should wait to buy a new 5G phone till the 5G network launches in your city.

Q4) When will Jio Launch 5G Services?

Jio has not released any official date for its launch of 5G services, but according to some reports, Jio will launch its 5G services from Mid august or September starting in a few cities.

Q5) What Will Be The Data Prices Of the 5G Network?

There are not any official statements released from any telecom department about the data prices and planes of the 5G network. But according to the trend, 5G data planes may be a little bit higher than 4G data planes.

If we take the example of the USA, there has been increasing of about 10%-15% in prices as compared to 5G to 4G.

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