Digital Marketing Courses: Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in 2023

Digital marketing is one of the most trending subjects nowadays. If you are thinking of starting a new business online marketing can be very useful for you. It can be very handy for the growth of your business. There are lots of digital marketing online courses available and we will suggest to you the Top 5 digital marketing courses available online.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is nothing but rocket science.The simple meaning of digital marketing is the marketing of your business through any Digital platform like social media like youtube, Facebook, youtube, etc. Or we can say Marketing of any product or service through any electronic media or platform can be categorized as digital marketing. 

There are lots of digital marketing companies and agencies who can do digital marketing of your products or services. But what if you can do digital marketing of your product on your own and also you can earn a lot as a freelancer.

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Scope Of Digital Marketing In India

In 2022 In India, there is a very large market for digital marketing freelancers for earning lakhs. According to some reports, the average salary of a digital marketing freelancer in India is about 3-6 lakh per annum. There is almost $1 billion in the economy of digital marketing in India and a growth rate of almost 33% every year.

After the Co-vid pandemic, there has been seen immense growth in digital marketing. There are also lots of high paying digital marketing jobs creating in India every year.

Why it is Important In 2023?

In this era of the internet and television, it is a way better way to communicate with your audience and broadcast your product. Indian youths are also very active on social media nowadays in a huge number. With digital marketing, you can connect with them. Following are some benefits that show why it is better than any other form of marketing.

  • Targeted audience – You can reach your targeted audience and targeted age group through Digital or online marketing. You don’t have to waste your resources and can easily connect with your targeted audiences. If you have something for youth then you can directly connect to them using google AdSense, Facebook/Instagram ads, etc.
  • Personalized Marketing – you can personalize your ads according to your product or services. You don’t have to depend on anyone for your marketing. You can do your  marketing by choosing your  platform and own personalized ads.
  • Cost-Effective- Digital marketing is not just easy to use but also very cost effective also. As compared to different types of marketing and their cost, it give you relief in cost and you can reach to more people in less cost.

Now the question is if digital marketing have so much scope and benefits how you can learn it online. There are lots of online digital marketing courses available. Here we are with top 5 digital marketing courses which can help you building your business.

1.Fundamentals Of Digital marketing By Google (Free)

Fundamentals of digital marketing is an online course by google digital garage. It is a 40 hour course which will build your fundamentals of your digital marketing. In addition, it is an absolute free course offered by google. It will teach about how to reach to more people on social media, track and measure web traffic, how to take your business global and more.

If your are a beginner in this, then this course is specially for you.

2.Digital Marketing: The Ultimate Guide To Strategic Marketing By Udemy (Paid)

If you enjoy learning from udemy then this course is for you. It is a an advance level of online course where you can a lot of things about it.. So, here you will learn about digital marketing strategy, SEO optimization, How to be a freelancer, will teach about neuromarketing techniques etc. it is an paid digital marketing course offered by Udemy.

3. Digital Marketing Specialization By Coursera (Free)

It is an online course offered by coursera with collaboration with university of Illinois. In this course you learn about data collection and its analysis and it use in digital marketing and growth of business. It will also teach about many framework which will help you with digital marketing strategy. Also learn about web analytic tools to grow your website.

4. Online Digital Marketing Classes By Skillshare (Free)

Skillshare is a online learning platform just like udemy and coursera. Skillshare is providing a free digital marketing course in which you can learn about email marketing, online content marketing, social media advertising and social media marketing and more. Moreover, you can learn here that how to grow your small online bussines through digital marketing.

5. Digital Marketing Nanodegree by Udacity (Paid)

Udacity is also one of the best online learning platform. Udacity is offering a digital marketing online certification course. You can complete this course in 3 months 10 hours weekly with flexible schedules.

This online course will teach you about SEO, search engine marketing with google Ads, Google analytics, content strategy and more. Therefore, this course will lead you to industry level ready digital marketing manager and will enhance your resume. If you are really interested in digital marketing and want to learn advance features and digital marketing strategy, you should choose this online course.

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