Platforms & Products

Inspark Healthcare +

Transforming Healthcare in Every Direction

Inspark Healthcare is an impressive clinic and patient management system. It allows you to make, manage, and track appointment booking of patients for doctors.

Inspark Startups

Encouraging people to drive into entrepreneurship

It is basically a teamwork where you can put forward your ideas and we will help you turn it into a profitable business. No matter if you don’t come up with an idea even if you are dedicated to being an entrepreneur, it’s more than enough for us.

Inspark Publication

Entitling writers by publishing their stories 

A platform where we help you publish books to let others know your story. A place where you can become a renowned author. 



Educabs by Inspark Ventures

Educabs hai to aasan hai!

E-learning platform helping students learn something extraordinary over the book.


The one who spreads knowledge gets more!

Providing a platform to to let their thoughts be welcomed globally. A new era of emerging writers to expand their views in various domains and earn through it.

Blissful Shopping By Inspark Ventures

Shop Blissfully!

E-commerce website to shop personalized gifts for your loved ones and give them presents that they could never imagine.

Plant Set grow

Dig Your Flora

Plant set grow is an e-commerce platform where we provide a wide variety of plants, tools required for gardening and gardening services.