Publish Your Own Book: Easy Guide

The world is not led by strong people but by strong ideologies. The world chances through ideas and if you want to share your ideas with people around the world, publishing your own book can be the start of it. If you are passionate about writing and want to write a book but don’t know how to publish it, then this article is for you. You will learn here challenges of being a writer and publishing your book. You can start your journey of being a writer and follow your passion. you will also learn here about Kindle Direct Publishing and how you can publish your book for free.


First Step Of Being An Author

To become an author, the first step you have to take is to start writing good content. People will not read your book until it’s interesting in reading. You have to be very focused on your writing and should reach the heart of readers. There will be a lot of problems in writing a book and it will also take a lot of time. But you have to be punctual in your writing and be patient. Publishing your book is your second step but first, for printing a book you have to be a very confident writer, if your book has potential then it will automatically get published even if it takes some time but it will happen. But if your book can relate to the audience then even if it gets published it won’t get successful.

So just take your time and write a strong and good book.

Hurdles to Publish Your Own Book

Like in every profession, if you want to become an author there will be a lot of problems you will face on the path to becoming an author. You have to overcome all of those problems and stick to your path. As we say there is no gain without pain, so enjoy every problem in your way and move ahead step by step.

Be Patient while you publish your own book-

In the way of becoming an author you have to be patient because there will be n number of times you will lose your concentration and focus and will think of losing out. You will feel tired of everything but don’t lose hope, be Patience one day your work will be worth it.


You may miss support from your friends and family in way of becoming an author. Because in India writing is not a mainstream career and people will make fun of you. You may see a lack of support from your friends and family, but if you really want to be a writer don’t lose your focus and just do your work regularly.

Journey From writer To Author by publishing your own book –

A writer is someone who just writes but what makes you an author is broadcasting your writing to the public or in other words we can say publishing your writing content. Writing something can be very easy but drafting your writings in a book can be very difficult, and publishing your book can be even more difficult. It is one of the most difficult parts of becoming an author. Publishing your book can be as difficult as the 71st century for Virat Kohli. It may take as much time as RCB takes to win an IPL trophy. But after all, if your content is good and after so many problems this all will be worth it.

How To Publish Your Own Book In India?

If you have complicated your writing and want to publish your book, there are several ways from which you can publish your book. Publishing your book may be very frustrating and time-consuming but you have to be Patience and everything will be okay after all. Following are some ways to publish your book.

Contact Publications -: There are a number of publications in India that don’t charge anything for publishing your book, but even if your book has the capacity it will take time to reach out to them. Firstly you have to e-mail those publications your synopsis or manuscript and a brief about your book. If they see potential in your writing they will contact you for publication. But as I said it can take a lot of time even if your book has potential.

J.K Rowling, writer of harry potter was also the victim of this system.

Here is the list of some Publication Houses of India

  • Jaico Publishing House
  • Arihant Books
  • Rupa Publications
  • Petals Publishers
  • Inspark Publications

Self Publish Your Own Book -:

Above was the traditional method to publish your book. But if you don’t want to wait so long and if you are financially stable you can publish your book on your own. You just have to contact some publications that will publish your book through some commission. But in this method, you have to do your own marketing of your book and it will be very costly.

If you want to publish your own book and don’t know where to start. You can contact us. We will help you to publish your book and every guidance that you need. From editing to printing and marketing we will handle everything. Feel free to contact us. Click here for more information.

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) -:

KDP publishing is one of the easiest and most effective methods to publish your book. Amazon will help you to publish your book free of cost. You can publish your E-book and it will be available on the Amazon marketplace and you can reach out to the global market also.


If you are a newbie and want to learn how to draft your writing into a book, and want professional help regarding publishing your book. You can contact to Inspark Publications. We have an experienced team out there who will help you to build your career as an author. Moreover, will help you to publish your first book without any hustle. Earn better revenues then any other platform in the form of royalty. Click here to learn more about it.

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